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Happy 2020!

What a delight to enter this new decade. I have been silent these last few weeks for several reasons. One of them being that I took a break with my sister and flew to Canada to go celebrate the Christmas holidays with our family.

The trip was a journey of self-healing. We took the time to say goodbye and pay our respects to the family of a dear friend who passed away recently. This was difficult but necessary for closure and to begin this new year with a fresh start. The healing process purged and purified our emotions which allowed us to enter the new decade with a clean slate, leaving our old heavy suitcases behind.

I am extraordinarily lucky to have my sister Charlotte by my side, she is not only my best friend but also my confidant. These two weeks with her were deeply healing because I allowed myself to explore different areas of my soul; allowing myself to be vulnerable while protected by the sacred cocoon of sisterhood.

This trip also let me to take a break and a step back to clarify my ideas and what values I hold close to my heart and wish to act upon in the coming year.
These values are:

  • Sisterhood
  • Feminism
  • Sensitivity
  • Spirituality
  • Vulnerability
  • Respect of nature
  • Empathy

These now clarified core values push me to be more conscientious of the type of content I choose to publish on my social media. Since the beginning of my adventures, it has been very important to me to go against the trend of promoting narcissism and egocentrism on my social media, two prominent themes nowadays on these platforms.

From now on, I wish to think of my sensitivity and vulnerability as being tools to manifest my strength and create my art. I wish to use these tools to create awareness and help us go deeper together and introspect on certain important topics. I am not interested in staying on the surface of things, I want to dive deep into them and feel their rawness.

Often, we are taught to hide our sensitivity and vulnerability when these characteristics are the very foundations of our personalities. These traits infuses our characters, and art, with strength and authenticity. They give depth to the conversations and relationships that we value and are key abilities to feeling empathy. 

So it is content that comes from a place of vulnerability and sensitivity that I am interested in sharing with you in this new year. I hope you will embark with me on the journey of discovering what comes out of being in touch with these two essential creatures ♥

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