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Australian bushfires

It’s in an empathic and authentic mindset that Mémé would like to participate in elevating our consciousness level regarding the wildfires devastating Australia. Mémé became sensitive to the matter thanks to comedian Celest Barber. Forced to acknowledge government inertia regarding this major ecological problem, the Australian comedian took matters in her own hands and raised more than 50’000’000 dollars to help the firefighters who are working tirelessly to combat the fires.

Celeste and many other artists have been sensitive to these fires and have used their art to raise money to support Australia. Through their reactivity and commitment, these artists prove that art has a real impact. Art is important. Art can make things change. Art raises awareness around important problematics. Art sticks its hands in the mud when it’s necessary and helps to make mentalities evolve. Yes, Celeste Barbier is a true inspiration to Mémé.

My heart broke when I saw all the videos of the wildfires, the evacuating people, the red skies and millions upon millions of dead animals. When we are faced with such realities, it is only human to wonder how we can help make a difference. In this case, I couldn’t stand by and watch. It may seem like a faraway land but, in reality, we are all affected by this phenomenon.

It is for these reasons that I created a limited series of a digital illustration around this theme. This illustration is for sale for the price of your choice, with a minimum value of 15 swiss francs. Ten francs out of each sale will be used for the impression costs and the sending of the illustration to your home. The rest will be sent IN ITS TOTALITY to WIRES Wildlife Rescue organization to help heal and shelter the wounded Australian animals.

If you wish to make a donation to another cause, I encourage you to visit the following links:

NSW Rural Fire Service
WIRES Wildlife Rescue
Red Cross Australia
Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities

I also encourage you to do your own research regarding this ecological disaster. Mémé invites you to have empathy for what is happening. One of the questions Mémé asks herself, to facilitate empathy and put herself in other people’s shoes is: “If it was me, how would I react? How would I want to be helped?”

I hope you will open your heart, your sensitivity and consciousness to the connection that exists between every single living being on the planet. I hope this awareness will guide you to make a good action, either by speaking with your loved ones, either by donating

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