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Faced with the fires raging across our beautiful planet and particularly across Mother Earth Australia, So from “L’Univers de So” and I have decided to act. We are convinced that art must contribute in the elevation of our collective consciousness and participate in sending supporting vibes all the way to Australia. Last but not least, we believe art can contribute to saving our companions, the koalas.

Who exactly is the koala? He is a Zen master who loves to relax and enjoy the present moment, giving in to the natural flow of life. Not bad for such a small animal! He also loves living in an environment where he feels secure and protected, a peace haven to rest in. The koala is an empathetic animal who syncs up with the emotion of the group he is included in. Because he is such an empath, the koala often needs time alone to recharge his energy. He is a highly sensitive being! Koalas will take care of their tribe with patience and benevolence, giving their help to clan members in need.

Immersing ourselves in the koalas empathy, “L’Univers de So” and I have decided to collaborate in the creation of a little gem for you: a pocket mirror made by “L’Univers de So” on which you will find an illustration of a koala, made by your favorite Mémé.

This lovely object will become your lucky charm and follow you everywhere you go, reminding you the importance of empathy as you use it in your daily routines. Your new companion will also whisper in your ear that empathy starts with yourself. Woo yourself with sweet talk and kind words while looking at yourself in the mirror! For you are splendide and brilliant!

Using the butterfly effect, lets spread this beautiful energy of solidarity! You can purchase the mirror for 20.- a piece. All the money made by the sales will be sent to the organization WIRES Wildlife Rescue to assist in the healing of animals caught in wildfires.

I hope your empathy and your conscious of our link to every creature on this planet will guide you to being involved in a good action! This can take the shape of you bringing awareness to the people around you or donating


Do you remember the collaboration that “L’Univers de So” and I initiated a few weeks back in order to help with the fires in Australia and collect cash for the organisation WIRES Wildlife Rescue? Well thanks to your love for our pocket sized mirror bejeweled with a friendly illustrated koala, we managed, with your help, to send a total of 500 swiss francs to WIRES Wildlife Rescue!

I am truly moved by the number of people who reached out and wished to be implied in this project and decided to have a positive impact in the beginning of this year 2020. I am also very comforted by the number of you who follow me and share my values for the first year of this new decade.

Thank you so much for your support

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