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Sweet talk

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved St-Valentine’s day, yet I am not a romantic soul.

In my family, St-Valentine’s day is an occasion to express our love not only for our life partner but also for the members of our family and our close friends. For me, St-Valentine’s day has never been about going out to a fancy restaurant with a fancy menu and a bouquet of flowers, (usually red!). It is about exchanging sweet words, and sometimes a flower to go with them, to the meaningful people in our lives to whom we choose to express our gratitude and love to.

It is in this spirit that I invite you this year to send an illustrated love note to the people who are dear to your heart, may they be family, friends, lovers or life partners. Oftentimes we assume the people we love just know they are loved and that this knowledge dispenses us of telling them so. But I guarantee that sitting down, even for two minutes, to write down a line or two expressing our feelings toward a loved one can warm their hearts, and yours, for years to come! And that notion right here has more value than anything else.

With this in mind, I designed special little love notes for your special people on the special occasion that is St-Valentine’s day. To thank you for your loyalty, I am offering you the digital version of my illustrations for you to send to the people who have a special place in your heart. If, like Mémé, you prefer a paper version, don’t hesitate any longer, just write to me so that I can send you the love note of your choice to the adresse you desire 

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