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Love the progress, leave the perfection

I was hit by perfectionism waves that lasted a couple months. Freezing me in an incapacity to draw, talk, express my emotional state or  publish anything.

Nothing was ever good enough, ready enough, or was  deep enough to convey my feelings. When I started to share my raw true self, I deleted it all before posting, thinking “No the world is not ready for this.”

In reality I was the one not ready to share my shine, not ready to truly vibrate my radiant colors, not ready to be the deeply vulnerable and highly sensitive person that I am. Well those times are over. I believe by sharing my process, no matter how chaotic it is, I will attract my tribe of like-minded people.

We will feel reassured and be stronger together because our beautiful chaos is far from perfect and that’s what makes the beauty of it.
Love the progress, leave the perfection

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