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Apiario d’Autore

Author’s Apiary” is a project created by Mauro in Orta San Giulio, a magnificent region in the north of Italy and I am so glad and grateful to be able to create art for this cause.

Author’s Apiary” goal is to use art to raise awareness around bees and the beautiful role they play in our world.  Bees are important indicators of the quality of the environment. It’s vital to understand the essential role bees play for the continuity of the planet’s food resources, through pollination and honey production.

In the second edition of the beehive project, fifteen artists from around the world were invited to create and design around this theme “Il Fiore” (a flower). These 15 creations are then printed onto the front part of a different beehive.

This Sunday the 19th of April 2020 the hives will be inaugurated online through Facebook and Instagram in the private park of the Hotel Bocciolo in Orta San Giulio. The art will continue to evolve as the bees will leave their prints and traces on the hives.

Why is this project important to me? Mémé Aurait Aimé’s values are amongst others’ kindness, sensitivity, respect of nature and empathy. This project is very dear to my heart because I am sensitive to the important role bees play in our lives.

To create the design for the beehives, I carefully researched and selected what are the bee’s favorite plants and used them as inspiration for this project.  I then created a digital illustration with a colorful fine feminine style to honor the bees and the way they gracefully contribute to our planet.

This work is also a play on words: You’re BeeYoutiful Honey (you’re beautiful honey). It aims to remind each of us in a kind and loving way how beautiful we are, daily.

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this project. I believe it is important to be grateful daily for all the little things around us that make it possible for us to our lives and bees are part of that. We can be so thankful for all their hard work and for all the beauty that they bring into our lives and all the yumminess they bring through honey.

I look forward to going back to the amazing quiet haven that is Orta San Giulio, to see all the different works of art on beehives in the Hotel Bocciolo private park and enjoy its stunning views and home away from home vibe. I am curious to see how  the art will evolve into a co-creation with the work of the bees and the touch of nature’s weather 

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