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Do you gift yourself the time to self-care? Do you carve in some time for yourself every day to do the stuff that makes you feel awesome?
Sadly, most people answer no to this but they would LOVE to
IF they weren’t too tired,
IF they weren’t too busy,
IF they hadn’t already had something planned,
IF it was planned on a different time and date,
IF they had the money etc, etc, etc…

I know, trust me, because I used to say the same excuses.  But the truth was that I WASN’T willing to make the time. This went on until I shifted and decided to choose myself first thing in the morning. When you choose to gift yourself extra time first thing in the morning something magical happens because you set the tone for the day.

What are your favorite excuses? Are you willing to gift yourself the time to fill up your cup? What are the changes you can make to do that?

To shift, answer these questions honestly. Look at your bare truth without judgment and align with what YOU need. What makes YOU feel awesome because guess what, when you feel AMAZING, the people around you feel it. You have a positive ripple effect on your loved ones. 

Sending love, light, and laughter,

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