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Early bird

Waking up EARLY in the morning has been a GAME CHANGER for me. It was a process but my intuition was telling me that if I wanted to live a life aligned with my beliefs, I needed to show up for myself first thing in the morning. 

I noticed that I was sleeping better, I went to bed earlier, and that I had more energy throughout the day. By waking up at dawn, I am able to carve time just for myself and my routine. I allow myself to witness the first morning rays of sunlight and enjoy warm cacao and a grounding meditation before heading to yoga. 

I feel like I truly honor myself by committing to waking up and following my routine. At first, it can be tough to stay motivated but it ends up coming naturally if you have a routine you look forward to. 

Think about this, if you don’t show up for yourself first thing in the morning, who will?…!

Be an example for yourself, use that extra time to work towards your goals or passions.

You will start the day with a win and feel extra proud of yourself.  

When I show up for myself first thing in the morning, not only do I set the tone for the day but I also fill up my cup so fully that it overflows. Once my cup is overflowing, I can share all that extra love, light, and energy with the people I meet during the day. 

I feel this is especially important for people who have a job where they need to help, care, and be there for their patients but not only. Imagine how your loved ones and family will benefit from your overflow? What does it feel like? What does it look like? What does it taste like? 

Sending love, light, and laughter,

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