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Taste of sobriety

Today marks the day of being three months sober.

I didn’t have a drinking problem but I was questioning it’s effect on my choices and impact on the goals I have for myself. Working in the restaurant and bar industry for over ten years helped me witness the effects of how having just one drink a day can be a tricky habit to get rid of.

I also realized that I had been drinking for more than half of my life. Right before I was going to celebrate my 28th birthday, I asked myself if I wanted to start this new year as a drinker?

Being a bar manager at the time, alcohol used to be a big part of my social life and my professional life. I have had plenty of drinks, parties, and hangovers. But is that what I wanted to bring into my 28th year of existing on this wonderful planet?

The answer was no. No, because alcohol doesn’t serve my higher purpose. Alcohol doesn’t serve me moving forward. Actually, it’s quite the contrary, it keeps me right where I am in my comfort zone.

I also noticed how alcohol could be destructive in relationships around me. And I didn’t want to become that kind of person.

I am aware that my point of view is not what’s common especially in a region where we make and drink amazing wine.

Nevertheless, I was curious to see how long I could go without drinking, and now that I have come this far I don’t want to break the roll I am on!

Being sober has brought me a lot more clarity and focus on what I want to achieve, the person I want to be, and how I want to treat and respect people. And contrary to the belief, I didn’t lose my social life. It shifted.

Naturally, I see less of the friends I used to drink with, and that made space for new people in my life. People who have a healthier lifestyle, people with whom I share the magic of cacao, and people that I see during the day when my thoughts are clear and awake.

If I can do it, you can do it. What are the changes you need to make? What are you afraid to lose?

Have you ever thought about all that you have to win?

Sending love, light, and laughter,

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