Mémé Aurait Aimé

L’Amant Indigne No 1

[L’Amant Indigne – Think Twice Before You Call Me Small]⠀

There is nothing small about me baby
Except for the format in which I come in.

My gentle touch hides
The courage of a lioness.

My tender magic cracks
Your heart wide open to worlds you didn’t even know existed.

My strength
Is so powerful
It feels like goodnight kisses.

My untamed essence dances
Naked in spontaneous rushes of joy.

My smoky voice shakes
Your whole body, making it vibrate with lust.

My blazing wildfire warms
You during your coldest darkest nights.

My passion sends
Your senses into delicious orbit.

My unconditional love for you
Runs so deep in my veins
It is fierce.

My energy
Is heavenly baby.


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