Mémé Aurait Aimé

Sacred Rituals No 1

[Sacred Rituals – Cold Water Medicine]⠀

The crystalline water of the lake calls my name
She assists me in clearing my mind
She invites me to pause and breathe
I move swiftly into the water
Like a beautiful dance
I feel her smooth embrace

Noticing the tingling sensations
Witnessing the aliveness of my body
Allowing the laughter pour out of me
Listening to my body
I don’t push it
I honor it

Once I am out of her embrace
I savor all the emotions and sensations that arise
I move my body and sway in harmony with my energy
I sense the profound clarity and purity she has gifted me
I feel deep gratitude in my bones and soul and thank her divine feminine energy for all the support she has given me



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