Livre sur les quais – Morges

At home, I do not own a TV and it is totally intentional! I’m the kind of person that you could call a “book worm”.

This afternoon, I went for a stroll by the lake in Morges and I discovered a book fair right by the water! Books everywhere and the authors right beside them. Must I say that I’m in heaven? From French to English and Scandinavian literature, you could spend hours in there.

I stop at a stand and have nice chat with Jonas Karlsson and end up leaving with a signed copy of his book “The invoice”.

The more I stroll the more I notice books that I have already read. It’s a shame I did not plan enough time today but one thing is sure, tomorrow morning I am coming back and bringing my books to get them signed!

If you fit the “book worm” description, I highly suggest you do the same this weekend. The cool part is that in parallel to this fair there are all kinds of food workshops and conferences you can attend but I can’t tell you more because I need to try it out tomorrow! See you there

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