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With the beginning of the fall season, we are going to discover a Swiss brand named “Respect Cheese”. I met up with Sarah, one of the founders of the brand, to learn about her new fall/ winter collection.
How did everything start? Three friends go for a weekend in a ski station and end up having a conversation on “Seriously, who doesn’t love cheese?!” What started out as a joke, became the awesome name of the brand “Respect Cheese”.

Later on, the brand developed into something more specific and in 2012, they decided to create and launch a clothing collection. The summer collection is essentially t-shirts and the winter collection is a combination of sweaters and beanies.
The style of the brand aims to be modest, pleasant, soft and most of all a style for everyday wear.
For each new collection, Sarah has collaborated with different illustrators. Each illustrator brings they own universe to the collection which makes it unique!
The goal of the brand in the long term is to manufacture the collections in Europe and use products that have less impact on the environment.

Since the beginning of the adventure, the three initial founders have drifted different ways. Sarah has kept the project going mostly on her own but Benoît & Elliot are still very helpful if she needs advice or help with a stand during an event.

If you want to get your own sweater and beanie of the new fall/winter collection, come meet her at her next event this Thursday 14th of October at the hair salon Biosphair.
Why in  a hair salon might you ask? Because both young entrepreneurs share the same philosophy: stay local, simple and eco-friendly

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