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A few weeks ago I discovered Stephanie Peck’s adorable Christmas cards. I sent her a message to know where I could buy them and asked her if she was interested to meet up for a blog article. When we met, she had a few notes ready that she wanted me to mention in my article. I really appreciated the fact that she came prepared to our meeting. To me it meant that she cared, that she is meticulous and professional.

Stephanie went to L’ECAL and got her degree in visual arts last summer. Once her studies were finished she found a workshop and is now self-employed. You need a lot of courage to start your own business especially in a field you are passionate about. She has always followed what she wanted to do even if that came across as unconventional and she always defended her ideas. Stephanie is bold and that’s what I like about her!

She builds the frames for her canvas and likes to paint floating objects on a neutral background. All of her objects are different, charming and sweet little characters.
Her illustrations are wallpapers around abundant and very divers themes that are inspired from her everyday life. She follows her creativity that is spontaneous and popular. Each illustration reveals a new universe that Stephanie’s imagination unfolds before us.
The common themes in all of her work are selective vision of the world and a denial of negativity. Her drawings can be seen as a place where naivety and innocence are found again. There is a sensation of lightness and carefreeness when you look at her work. Her style will certainly remind you of your own childhood.

Stephanie wants to make art accessible to everyone. Her goal is to help remove people inhibitions towards drawing so that everyone can feel like it is a skill within their reach.
In the long term, she would like to open her own boutique that would be split in two sections, a workshop and a showroom. She would like to use that space to promote and give visibility to young artists fresh out of school. You will need to be a bit patient but in the meantime you can visit her online shop if you want to take a sneak peek of her illustrations.

You have maybe encountered her drawings at the recent Collectif Hapax 21 events. If not, I invite you to go visit her at the Christmas Market in Coppet from the 30th of November to the 4th of December. You will also be able to see her at the next Cause’s event in Gland on the 17th of December. If I can give you one piece of advice, follow her closely on social media, her drawings will end up by making you smile more than once

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