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This weekend I decided to go for a small trip on my own. It isn’t because my handsome is away that I can’t have fun right?!
The choice of the B&B was not easy, but I followed Isabelle’s advice, the author of “Chambres d’hôtes et petis hôtels de charme en Suisse” from the  éditions  Gîtes de Suisse and went to the Hotel Von Bergen in La Sagne (yes it is still in the French speaking part of Switzerland!).

Isabelle and her sister Christine travelled around Switzerland in their spare time and later wrote a book on all their favorite addresses.
When they go on a trip, they like to discover a region though the advice of the owners of the B&B.
The difference between this guide and others that might exist is that the sisters did not base their guide on the number of stars of the hotel or B&B but created their own classification system. Their favorite addresses are organized in six different sections: character, charm, comfort, luxury, unusual and art and design. You will find somewhere to sleep for every style, mood and budget. The similarity between all the addresses is that anywhere you go you are warmly welcomed and the breakfast is good!
What started off as an adventure between sisters became a beautiful guide where they share all their discoveries with you and that holds a huge diversity between all the addresses.


I decided to try this guide to see what I thought about it. I arrive at the Von Bergen Hotel and I am welcomed with a warm smile! I am brought to my room and I am absolutely under the charm of the place. I feel comfortable straight away with the reassuring squeak of the floor boards and the decoration that makes me think of my grandma’s home. I have the impression that I’m on a holiday in our old family home and it reminds me sweet and happy memories. My room is a simple room and it is extremely clean (those you know me might say that I am a “slight” neat freak!) and that for me is a huge plus.
At dinner time I go downstairs to the restaurant. I try the local wine and “planchette” of cheese and cold cuts under the advice of the owner and it is excellent! I try the delicious specialty of the house while reading a good book and I feel at home 🙂 I doesn’t take long before the other clients, the owners and I start a conversation and I end up having a great evening!
When I go to bed, I find myself in a cozy and nice comfy bed, I fall asleep in no time. When I wake up in the morning I realize that I haven’t slept this well in ages and how important is was that I finally took some time off for myself.
At breakfast, the restaurant is full everybody is chit-chatting and drinking their coffee. I’m lucky to have an awesome homemade jam with my breakfast, I really feel like I am at my granny’s place.

So if you are single or in a couple for this Valentine’s Day give yourselves a treat! We are so lucky to live in a small country where there are so many nice places to visit and each region has its own specialty. We are lucky to have all those beautiful and different places indexed in one guide to make our lives easier.
Why don’t you do like I did? Be spontaneous, be curious to discover the country that you live in, there are so many beautiful things to see! Treat yourself to a nice trip, go on an adventure

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