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A little less than two years ago, my handsome suggests that we go try out a new bar in Morges called “The Bloody Cat”. I have never heard of that bar even if I come from the region which is a bit curious.
Once we arrive there, I discover a beautiful bar! The walls are made of red bricks, you can see the wooden beams, the lights on the tables are made out of empty bottles, the vibe in there is chill and the choice of cocktails is impressive!
A few weeks ago, I meet Malic one of the founders of the Bloody Cat, out of the blue. I can’t help but tell him how much I love his bar and I ask him if he would be willing to give me some of his time so that I could write an article on them, which he kindly accepted.

Everything started in March 2015 when Malic, his brother and an associate start the renovations before opening their bar. They wanted to create a space with bare materials, a hint of an industrial touch and a New York influence to their decoration. This style plus the big sofas and the books on the shelves make a very cozy place to stay at.
They also wanted their bar to be a place where you can drink cocktails where you cannot find anywhere else. Of course you can ask for the classics but if you have a curious mind you will probably want to try the cocktails you have never had before on their menu that changes every season. What I like about this place, it that even if it’s a cocktails bar it doesn’t have that luxurious over the top vibe about it. The Bloody Cat has more of a casual vibe to it, which makes you feel really at ease when you are there.
It is also a place where the local artistes are welcome. They are always searching for new bands to have live music concerts. If you are free this Saturday 25th of February, the Diamond Burst Band Trio is playing at 9 pm.
If you are a photograph, a painter or an illustrator, the Bloody Cat will lend you their walls for free to expose your work. I really like the fact that they want to collaborate with all arts and with local artists.

What started out of a project between two brothers, one from the hotel industry and the other from the finance world, is born a really great address! A place where you feel like you are in your living room (with the perk of having great cocktails!), where the prices are fair and where you can discover local artists.
If you get a bit hungry, try their home made “planchette” it is delicious! Their home made olive paste is amazing and their servings are generous

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