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Last Tuesday, I was generously invited by the theatre of Vidy for the preview of the play “Amour / Luxe”. How could I refuse such a kind offer?!
Once I got there I was warmly welcomed by the Vidy team. I have the pleasure to meet quite a few bloggers of the region, which is also a nice surprise. I must say I was expecting more of a one on one interview, but this ended up being a nice networking moment.

7.30 pm the play starts with humor. The decor is simple but effective, we are in the play straight away.
Magali Tosato, the theatre director, did a huge investigation before writing this play. She inquired about what happened when a couple wanted to get married and one of the partners is not European.
Which automatically lead her to this question: what is marriage in a legal sense? Some of the questions can seem brutally intrusive in the couple’s intimacy, but are often asked by the administration in situations where two people who are visibly different are in love. When if you think about it, these questions only concern them.
She also questions the concepts of marriage and love, can they really be defined? Why do people get married? Can we really judge if a couple wants or doesn’t want to get married? Each testimony explains this ambiguous question in relation to their life experience.
I really liked the sense reality in this play. I also liked the balance between moments of tension and moments of laughter. I enjoyed the fact that even if this plays makes you reflect on serious issues, it does not bring any weight to the lovely evening you are spending.

If you too want to go to the theatre, go to Vidy! “Amour / Luxe” is playing until this Saturday 11th of March (included). If you want to ask questions to the comedians after the play, go see the show this Thursday 9th of March at 7.30 pm.
Don’t worry, Vidy is no place for elitists! There, everybody can come no matter your background. You can verify this for yourselves just by checking their prices which are accessible for any type of budget.
Vidy is a place where entertainment is not only fun, but can lead you to reflect about themes that are at the heart of our time.
If you are like Mémé, you must be curious and Vidy is the perfect place to fire your curiosity. And finally, Vidy has an open mind, you will always be surprised 

The theater of VidyThe play “Amour / Luxe”

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