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Last Friday, I went to visit Lisa Voisard in her nice apartment to talk about her illustrations. Lisa is a graphic designer at 80% at Plates-Bandes Communication in Lausanne.
During her spare time, she illustrates and plays music in a band. She tries to be a part of a least three markets or expositions a year. For each event, she create a new series of illustrations either inspired by nature, plants, animals or the seasons. You can find her work the all year long on her website, or in the store “chez Dédé et Charlotte” in Fribourg. Lisa also has an exclusive collection of pillows and pencil cases that you can find at Little Miss Design in Lausanne.

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Drawing came really naturally for Lisa. She never took any drawing lessons others than the ones given at school. She learned mostly be observing her mother who would draw a lot. She remembers filling pages and pages of drawings during her childhood.
She also remembers images from her childhood that really have inspired her for some of her work. I am sure that all of you can recall the pictures hung on the wall of your bedrooms. Those pictures are really important because they are part of the first images we see as children.
What I like in Lisa’s work is her colors, her style, her subjects and the fact that her illustrations will look just as good in a child’s bedroom than in your stylish living room.

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If you enjoy fresh and colorful art, be curious and discover this suisse romande artist, I’m sure you like her world

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