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This week, let’s discover Gang of Frejya’s world which a place of nature, serenity and magic that Juliette created a few years ago.

Juliette did her studies as a textile design but she later on noticed that she was drifting away from what she really wanted to be doing: working with her hands.
She took the decision to give herself two years to try out different artistic disciplines to figure out what she liked the most. She tried doing some painting, embroidery, sewing, pottery, illustrating and finally paper cutting and collages which she adored. She was captivated by that technique because she found a way where she could touch the image that she was creating. Paper cutting can in some ways also be similar to fabrics and sewing.

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When Juliette creates a piece, she usually makes a quick sketch of what she has in mind and then starts cutting intuitively and guided by the paper and it’s limits.
Her inspiration mostly comes from her childhood where she visited Europe with her family during their vacations. She remembers going off for walks in the nature on her own and feeling a deep link with the nature surrounding her. She wanted to be able to reconnect with that feeling and share it through her art.

If you want to discover Gang of Freyja’s, her new collection is out in two weeks from now. And before that she has special offers on the website! Go check out her world where you will find poetry in her work, innocence in the shapes and magic in simplicity

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