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When I was young, I loved to go to the Alimentarium in Vevey. Since I started this blog, I have always wanted to share this cool place with you and hopefully you will like it as much as I do!

Laetitia gives me a tour of the museum and it is even better than in my memories! The first floor of the Alimentarium is open to everybody. It’s a place where you can do numerous activities like having a nice lunch, work or study in the café, participate at all kinds of different workshops or walk around in their beautiful educational garden.
Upstairs when I entered the museum, I felt that there was a real effort to present their topics in an innovative way. The exposition has been entirely transformed into a digital experience. This effort to innovate was made to democratize access to knowledge by creating games that help you learn while you are having fun. It’s an interactive and participative exposition, learning just comes naturally. You also have access to and e-learning platform if you wish to dig into subject that you are interested in.
You can feel that this exposition was built so that each generation can learn and have fun.

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During the tour, you are made aware that you cannot do anything without nature when it comes to producing, transforming, and keeping food. You also learn about how the food travels in our bodies, about rituals, taboos and what you are allowed or not to eat in certain religions. The theme of this exposition is “Food – Vice or Virtue? ” not in a moralizing way but more like having  an awareness of what are the habits and practices linked to food and around the world.
Everybody is concerned by food, and you can see the importance it has in our lives not only from a survival point of view but also in our lifestyles. All you need to do is to check out all the different hashtags and photos linked to food on social media to confirm this!

The key element to your visit is to enjoy! If museums are not your thing but food is, just book a class in one of their workshops, go to their happy hours every first Thursday of the month or just go have lunch there to enjoy the beautiful space, it’s worth a try

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Special thanks to Yohan de Wahoo, without who I wouldn’t have had enough batterie to take these pics !


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