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This week, I went to meet Emilie, the first « Genuine Women » of Switzerland! After a year of traveling, Emilie realizes that there isn’t much available in the French speaking region of Switzerland for women entrepreneurs. She decided to design an offer that she would have liked to find here and she created “Genuine Women”.

Genuine Women is a network of creative, authentic and entrepreneurial women that created their own business or that are about to. Emilie built a structure that brings together women of the region. Her goal is that women help and support each other and collaborate together.
Why an only women network? Simply because a woman will not have the same needs and won’t encounter the same difficulties that a man does when she is creating her business.

What I like in her concept is her flexibility. Not everybody has the same time schedule and even less so when you have your own company! Instead of having an event organized every three months, Emilie had the great idea of organizing “Rescue Drinks” in the evening or the “Breakfast” in the mornings where you meet up with the other Genuine members at a time that suits your schedule best.
You can also go to the “Genuine Nights”, events where three members tell you their story and you can also go to the “Fuckup Ladies Nights” where three members explain where they screwed up, what they learned and how they improved thanks to that experience.

Emilie’s idea is so successful that there is already a Genuine network in Lausanne and she is hoping to create more networks in Neuchatel, Fribourg and Valais.
What I like about Emilie is her great energy, her honesty and her drive! One thing is sure, Mémé will be a Genuine too

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