Le Castrum – Yverdon

This year, a new collective is organizing the « Jeux de Castrum » a multidisciplinary festival in Yverdon. For those who are curious, the festival will begin this Friday the 11th of August and will end Sunday 13th. One thing is sure, they project teased my curiosity and I will be going!
They kindly invited me to conference press last June and I have been looking forward to tell you all about it!

You will witness dancers waltzing in apartments around town, birds playing guitars (yes indeed, this is not a typo), artistic performances only achievable by the help of people passing by, riding a bike to be able to make your own cotton candy and many more! This festival is worth it because it will make you discover the city of Yverdon in a really fun and innovative way even for those who live there.
The association “Le Castrum” really wanted to embellish their city and heritage. They also wanted to democratize art, to get people together around a cultural event, to make people participate, to surprise and maybe even make think about a few topics differently. They wanted to give a strong identity to the festival, to collaborate, to give new meanings to certain places and all this, for free!

So, if you are like Mémé, and you like to live experience that are unique and uncommon, you know where to go and what to plan for the end of this week

Their Website Their Teaser VideoTheir FacebookTheir Press Document (FR)

Castrum - Affiche


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