I met with sunny Vanessa, the mampreneur behind de website ialoo. Ialoo is the first platform in Switzerland that brings together Swiss artists, craftsmen and women.

Three years ago when Vanessa wanted to decorate her daughter’s room, she wanted to find unique objects. She naturally started to search in the artistic world to find those objects, which she found but they were all from France. She realised that she could have bought locally but she could not find a single platform where she could search for these Swiss creators.
Vanessa did a huge work in finding Swiss artists and decided to launch her own site on Valentine’s Day this year.

Vanessa has interviewed artists of her website and tell you all about them and they way they work. If you want to know the artists better, you can subscribe to her isaloosletter.
Her goal is to give and other view of Switzerland, we don’t only know how to make cheese and watches! A point of view that Mémé completely shares! It’s been nearly a year that I was been driving around to make you discover Switzerland differently and writing about people who are really doing fun stuff in the region.
Vanessa is doing the same but in her own way! Go take a look at her website. Give yourself a treat, not only you are buying locally but you are also supporting a local artist. Some of the money will be given to a Swiss charity that helps children.
If you are an artist, you can sign up for free. Become and ambassador of the platform it will not only give it visibility but it will automatically make you visible too.

What I like about Vanessa is her honesty, her doubts, her project that for me is really worth it, her modesty and her generosity. Thanks to this blog Mémé encounters really amazing people and Vanessa is one of them

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