Ta Cave – Lausanne

This week we are going to discover Ta Cave, one of my favorite bars in Lausanne! It’s an ideal spot if you are an epicurean.

Their story? Elà, Guillaume and Yannick don’t know each other since long but they get along super well. They have a dream in common and to be able to realise that dream, the three friends did a crowdfunding where they offered apéro for life for you and your friend! It’s no surprise that it worked and that bloomed into this awesome bar!
Ta Cave is not their main activity, they have all kept their jobs and this bar is their hobby. That allows them to have a nice harmony in their team because each and every one can bring their own expertise.

Why does Mémé love this place? Because when you get there, it’s like when you go to your best friends place. The service is always of quality, happy, good advice and relaxed.
If there isn’t any place, or if you go alone, go sit at the big common table. I guaranty that people will make you a space and that you will not be alone for long.
I really like that their menu changes nearly every month. The main theme of these new menus, is the wish of making you discover amazing products. Each new menu is a zoom on a certain region of Switzerland (sometimes other countries too) and a suggestion of that region’s products and wines.
One of the cool advantages that you can benefit of there, is trying wines by the glass when they are usually sold by bottle.

Mémé has a huge crush on the burrata there! I would literally wake up in the middle of the night to have some it is so hauntingly good 

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