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It’s been a year since I have started my blog and I have brought you all over Suisse Romande to make you discover all kinds a different things that inspire me. Mémé likes art, culture and food. I think it is safe to say that Mémé is an Epicurian! But how can one eat without drinking something yummy? This is there reason why I chose to bring in in the heart of the wine region called the “Chablais” and more specifically in downtown Aigle. We are going to discover a winery called “Cave Emery “.

I arrive in Aigle on a beautiful Saturday morning and I am welcomed by Marc, one of the Emery bothers. He gives me a tour of their wine cellar and after the tour we sit down to have a chat. He kindly offers a beautiful “plachette vaudoise” (a platter with a few specialities from the canton de Vaud) and lets me try his beautiful selection of wines.

During our conversation, I discover that their vineyard is the surface of five hectares and 10% of which are dedicated to biodynamic culture. I also learn that his family has had the vineyard since 1883. Marc and his bother Alain are the fifth generation in charge of the winery.

Why did I choose to write about this wine cellar? Because the Emery brothers are always creating new collaborations to offer touristic attractions around the wine industry (also known as oenotourism). The toursime around wine in the canton of Vaud is bubbling away since a new project was installed a few years ago called Vaud Oenotourisme. The brothers got their winery certified last May 2016.

You can participate to walking tours in the vineyard where you have a few stops for wine and food tasting. If you would rather live an uncommon experience, you should go to one of their « L’ap[air]o ». « L’ap[air]o » is the combination of the words apéro and air. Basically you are going to embark on a helicopter to have a wine tasting on the top of the Diablerets glacier! Anyone willing to come with your favorite Mémé?
Want to taste the Cave Emery’s wines? You can visit the Emery brothers directly at their winery in Aigle or you can go to Vinea in Sierre during the 1st and 2nd of September.

I adore their charming winery, their cozy room that they rent right beside the cellar and I love their special Vaudois expression selection of wines

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