Gaëlle Marla – Lausanne

In 2017 many people have got tattoos inked on their skin without realized that they are wearing little pieces of artwork on their bodies. This summer I got two drawings of Gaëlle Marla tattooed onto my arms.


Gaëlle is a tattoo apprentice at the « Le Parloir » in Lausanne since March 2016. Her fine lines, her detailed subjects and her professionalism make me believe that she is no apprentice anymore!
I fell on her Instagram account by coincidence and her feminine and floral drawings caught my eye straight away. What I like in her style it that is it fresh and that changes from what we are used to see from the tattoo world that is mostly dark and stuffy.
What she liked to draw mostly is flowers, women and animals. If you take a look at her book, you will also see that she is able to draw in many different styles depending on the wishes of her clients.

“Le Parloir” is celebrating their second anniversary this weekend! So if you would like to get a flash tattoo from Gaëlle, you know where to go! If you need some more time to think before getting tattooed, go check out her Instagram account to get inspired.
What I like about Gaëlle is her humor, her drawings and the way she adapts and soaks up your idea to transcribe it with finesse and elegance

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