Un bibi pour moi – Lausanne

This week’s discovery is very uncommon and I can’t wait to tell you all about Usua the hat maker!

Five years ago, Usua was looking for a “bibi” (a hairpiece) to wear for her wedding. Not finding anything that she fancied, she decided to buy the material and make her own. Usua has no artistic background (working in IT and web) but she discovered a new passion while confectioning her “bibi”.
She decides to create a blog to show her creations. Many people loved what she did and asked to have their own special “bibi” or hat. You can imagine that she quickly ended up selling her artwork.
Usua impresses me because each hat that she makes is unique and entirely hand made. She has so much creativity, not one piece looks like another!

The good news is that if you would like to learn how to create your own hairpiece, Usua gives workshops! Usually the workshops are given during a bachelorette parties so that each person has a nice hairpiece for the wedding.

So did I manage to awaken you curiosity? Do you want to meet her to see her beautiful creations? She will be at the Style Market in Geneva this Saturday 11th of November. It will be the perfect occasion to get yourself a nice headband, hairpiece for any occasion. One thing is sure, my Grandma would have loved it

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