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One autumn night, I went to meet Sabrina the founder of “L’AtelierN°7” and was so inspired I had to tell you all about it!

Two years ago, Sabrina felt that she needed to create something with her hands. She decided to follow a course on how to makeover furniture.
She finally found a workshop for her new passion last May. Ever since, Sabrina has been scouting in every flee market and garage sell to find pieces of furniture to makeover. Once the furniture is in her workshop, she leaves herself some time to reflect before applying color to the furniture.

What I like in her approach is that she gives a second life to old furniture. Furniture that is nice but that we are tired of seeing in our homes. Furniture that looks like the ones we remember from our grandmother’s house. Furniture that have souls and to whom we feel attached to.
Sabrina knows how to keep the charm and warm feeling of each piece of furniture while giving it a twist of pop thanks to the matt colors and the colorful pompoms she uses.

If you are free, you can do discover her workshop on this Friday the 1st of December during her “Portes Ouvertes” (literally means open doors). Otherwise you can follow her on her Instagram account, you might find something that will remind you of your sweet grandma

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