Groseille – Geneva

Have you already received a flowery card with your name written one it? In that case, you might already know a Swiss illustrator named “Groseille”, but I can maybe tell you a bit more about her.

Magali works as a graphic designer and has drawn her whole life. During the summer for 2016, she started illustrating cards and decided to create her brand “Groseille”.
She creates drawings that are really personalized and for every occasion. She also started her line of “pétasses” which literally means bitches. She choose to call the women she drew “pétasses” in an affectionate way not really realizing the impact it might have on certain people.
Her “pétasses” are women that have an attitude, that show off, that are intriguing and that provoke. You can get your own “pétasse”, all you need to give is three criteria and Magali will draw two propositions so that you can choose your favorite.

I like Magali’s colorful and flowery style, that all her drawings are handmade and unique. If this article was able to awaken your curiosity, you can see her creations the 8th, 9th and 10th of December at Christmas Market in Carouge!
What would my “pétasse” look like? Wearing a high bun, vintage glasses and a shirt? Does that inspire you Groseille ?

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