*Les Gens – Lausanne

After my latest interview for my blog article, I came home with such a feeling a good vibes, I felt the need to share with you dear reader. Have you hear about the new shop just in on the other side of the street of the “Café des Patronnes”? Welcome to the new boutique “*Les Gens” a space dedicated to artists of the region.

*Les Gens” is an association between « Le Labo de Piwi » and « Gris Clair ». A while ago they decided to create a shop where local artists can expose and sell their works of art.
In addition to being a boutique, it is also a place where you can attend workshops, or simply drop in for a coffee.

I completely fell for Benedict’s collection of tableware, the natural products for dogs of Danny (founders of “Labo de Piwi”), the plants everywhere in the shop, the jewelry make with remarkable finesse and over all the general cozy and authentic atmosphere there.

This Friday 15th of December they are celebrating Christmas in their shop in collaboration with “Le Café des Patronnes”. It will be the perfect occasion to find original and local Christmas gifts for you loved ones.

I’ll be there with my adorable Mister Muffin (for those who don’t know him yet it would be there perfect occasion to do so!) & I hope to meet Ringo & Wilma, their beautiful English bulldogs

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