Brenyard – Lausanne

A few months ago, I came across Brenyard’s Instagram profile. I immediately loved her feminine style and her dark but funny lines.

Brenyard draws essentially with Indian ink, which gives a lot of contrast and power to her images. For example, the perfect little girls straight out of the fifties that she associates with an unexpected element. Or the perfume bottles that are appealing but intensive and volatile just like love can sometimes be.

Brenyard draws to highlight the tragic and ephemeral beauty of a subject but always with a pinch of humor. The mix of these elements give such expression to her drawings that it invites contemplation.

Brenyard is influenced by artists such as José Roosevelt, particularly by his black and white comic books. She is also inspired by the details as well as the delicate and fine lines of Anaëlle Clot and the pop and comic book universe of Cécile Giovanni (both of which are Swiss illustrators).

Brenyard told me that she would like to learn how to tattoo and that she is currently working on a tattoo portfolio and doing an apprenticeship at Laliberté Art Tattoo. Let’s just say that I can’t wait to get her work printed onto my skin 

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