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Last Friday, I visited Céline, a pro of bullet journaling. I am welcome by a woman with a sparkle in her eyes, her sweet daughter who loves to draw and her husband who also took a liking to bullet journaling.

Céline tells me her passion for bullet journaling is recent (since April 2017) but she loved the creative way of getting organized straight away.
This hobby arrived at a good time in her life. Céline felt that she was overwhelmed by her life trying to juggle between her young daughter, her dog and the cat. She felt like she didn’t have any time for her husband let alone for herself.
She decided to give herself time once a day during two weeks for bullet journaling to see if it would make a difference in her life.
In no time, her daily chaos became an organized schedule where she was finally able to find some time for herself! She even realized that she had forgotten how much she used to love to draw when she was a teenager. It’s at that moment that her hobby became her passion!
She becomes an active member in Facebook groups dedicated to bullet journaling, she finds a lot of her inspiration on Pinterest and starts showing her work on .

Céline made such progress in such little time, that she was even asked by the “École Club Migros” to give courses on the 10th of February in Vevey, the 17th of March in Yverdon and the 2nd of June in Lausanne! She will also be giving illustration courses for beginners on the 21st of April in Vevey, the 26 of May in Lausanne and the 9th of June in Yverdon.

I love the fact that Céline is self-taught and I admire her mastering of illustration and calligraphy as well as her talent for organizing her days in such a creative way

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