Margot Delévaux – Geneva

I have been exchanging emails with Margot Delévaux for over a year but it is only until recently that we have finally met. We immediately clicked and our virtual friendship became real, what a delight!

Margot wrote and published a book called “30 ways to fall in love” and if you turn over the book you can read “30 ways to leave love”.
She sent me the book shortly after its publication at the end of last year and like each time that Margot kindly sent me a book, I adored it! First of all, this size is perfect, you can bring it with you where ever you go. Secondly each story is short and written with a lot of humor, two ingredients that are ideal to finish reading a book quickly.
Margot sends a clear message through the courage and the creativity of her characters. Their decisions lead them to take risks and live the moment in a way that they won’t have any regrets later on in life. From these characters spring moving and funny stories that all have an impact.
This book would not be the same without the illustrations of Félix Kindelán, who embellish and go hand in hand with Margot’s stories.

Most of the stories are inspired by real life adventures. What a pleasure to realize that we are not surrounded by a “Tinder generation” and that there are a few people dare to date without that technology!
So dear readers, please, oh please dare! And don’t be shy to get yourself this book if you need a bit of inspiration or bit of courage

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Cover illustration inspired by Félix Kindelán illustrations in this book.

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