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Every trimester, I get my « Panier Culturel » and every time I can’t wait to discover the treasures of the region. This time, I came across two pins that intrigued me. To satisfy my curiosity, I adventure myself onto the account of “des sottises” (which means “silly things”) on Instagram.

Shortly after my discovery, I meet up with Margot, the illustrator behind that account, for happy hour at Ta Cave.
She has always drawn, but the idea of making pins came later when her sister in-law needed them for a tattoo convention.
Margot immediately liked that medium and continued transforming her drawing into pins. To do so, she paints first, then scans the illustration. Once that it done, she vectorizes the drawing and then adds color.

Most illustrators have to digitize their work now a days to have a better image quality. Even so, Margot has a preference for her water colored drawings.

Her source of inspiration is nature, anything that is organic, plants, waves and also Japanese prints. What I love about her style is that it makes me think of vintage tattoos. I also like that fact that it is colorful and her eye for detail. She also loves to draw flowers, I invite you to go check out her account “les immortelles” if you like flowers too.

During our conversation, we spoke about many different aspects of being an illustrator and how it is sometimes difficult to live from that art. She had a great way of approaching it, she told me “I’d rather be happy every day, than work a job I hate.” I think this can resonate with many of us 

P.S. If you want  to meet Margot, she will be live painting at the event of the Panier Culturel,  Thursday 1st of March at the Datcha.

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Cover photo is inspired by one of Margot’s drawing but revisited by Mémé.

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