Mei Fa Tan – Lausanne

It’s been a little while I haven’t published an article because it has been an intense few days! Between the inauguration of my art studio in Etoy and the little puppy I have adopted to keep company to my Mister Muffin… But I’m back with a new article on the inspiring Mei Fa Tan, a creative Swiss film director and her impressive portfolio.

Her latest creation is the official video clip of Fabe Gryphin – PTTFLR, the winner of the Music Video Contest. The goal of this contest is to boost the winner’s project and to gather creatives from different fields to contribute to an artistic project.
This video clip is the result of two days’ worth of work and the collaboration between a singer, a choreographer, a dancer, an actor, a Director of Photography and a dozen of technicians.

In this video, the decor is dark and slightly oppressing but nevertheless poetic. A girl dances with a lot of energy. Her movements remind me of those seen in video clips of the singer Sia because she is able to communicate gripping emotions with such expertise despite her young age.

If you are intrigued by her poetic, precise, professional and feminine style I invite you to watch the video here and if you are curious like me, I suggest you go check out her other projects

Her WebsiteHer VimeoHer FacebookHer Instagram

© Photo : Anne Gerzat

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