Gaëlle Garrocq – Vevey

I discovered the creations of Gaëlle thanks to the Panier Culturel. I immediately wanted to know more about the person behind those beautiful lino cuts.

Gaëlle gives creative workshops for a living. About a year and a half ago, one day, she was cleaning up the workshop when she found some gouges. She was instantly inspired by her findings and started to learn, on her own, how to lino cut.

To lino cut you need to draw on a piece of lino or rubber, then you use the gouge to carve out the excess material. Once your carving is done, you apply paint to it and then press the lino cut on a piece of paper to print.

Gaëlle’s illustrations were very simple when she first started. Once she felt more confident with the process, her drawings became more and more detailed.

If you too love art that is inspired by the forest, the sea and the animals who live in it, you are surely going to love her Instagram account. By the way Gaëlle is giving you a special discount on her Etsy boutique if you type in the special code “MEMEAURAITAIME”. Her generosity does not stop here, because in addition to her special sale, she adds a free delivery charges all over Switzerland.
You may also go see her current exposition at the restaurant “le Contretemps” in Territet or sign up to one of her workshops if you feel like learning more about this technique.

I’m sure that my “Mémé” would have loved this adventure 

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