Ka-L-O-K – Bienne

On a Saturday not that long ago, I met Ka, an artist full of life from Bienne.

Ka has had many different jobs over the years before deciding to create her own business. She and her husband Guy (a tattoo artist form the Labo –O-Kult) form a solid couple. She supported him when he was launching his tattoo parlor by keeping a steady job and taking care of all the graphic design for the company.
Last summer they decided to take some holidays but to stay in Bienne to dedicate their time to creation. They disconnected from all form of technology for two weeks and during that time, Ka realized that she loved to paint in watercolors.
After that she decided to live from her passion: illustration. Today she is the one launching her business.

Go check out her collection dedicated to Swiss animals. She uses photographs and adds elements that are close to the animal’s environment and backgrounds painted in watercolors. She adds a pinch of geometry to give an urban feel to her illustration and then finishes the drawing mixing these different techniques.
I really like the fact that she mixes digital and hand made to create her artwork. This series has the power to evoke memories of hikes in our mountains and to bring nature into our homes.

Beyond her projet HelvEdition, I have met a woman that has deeply stuck me by her genuineness and her way of thinking.
She is taking the risk of coming out of her financial comfort zone, she knows that she will have doubts but she is also convinced that it is the only way to move forward. Ka is bold, and for sure my “Mémé” would have loved it

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