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One day a few weeks ago, I was on Instagram for far too long, when I came across the account of the gallery boutique “La Sonnette” and discovered the drawing of Anne Bory. Full of curiosity, I sent her a message to have coffee.

I could tell you all about her career but I think it will be more interesting if I spoke about the discussion we had that morning.
Ever since we are little we are thought to seek for a good future and to be financially stable. But is that truly what success means? She wonders if that stability is achieved but is it worth the cost of shutting out her creativity.
Anne tries to let go of that way of thinking and attempts to live a simpler life in order to be able to draw. She tell me this “When you accept to lose a little, you find yourself less stressed. You are maybe in a financially fragile situation but you are ok with that”. This makes me think of the concept “Less is More”.

She applies the same philosophy to her art. At her beginnings, Anne painted her drawing in gouache and with many colors. After a while, she added less and less color to her paintings. That development in her style was liberating, her drawing became spontaneous and she didn’t feel as much pressure to add color or embellish her art.

We also discussed about the will that artists have to make beautiful art. When artist start, they often want to make something beautiful. Today, Anne has detached herself of that wish and would rather show both sides of life even if one of them is more obscure.

In her collection called « Surface », the women she draws are at the same time frightening, fragile but have an incredible force.
Anne reassures me, her illustrations are a way to express strong emotions that she experienced at a time being. Once those women are on paper, the feelings are already healing.

I must say that her drawings have intrigued me because the emotions are so raw and vivid, they come from the gut. Her illustrations comfort me because in made me realize that I am not alone when it comes to having such intense emotions. Anne inspired me by her courage to show such personal emotions through this series and by her capacity to let go <3

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