Tiffany Tauxe – Lausanne

Thin black lines, a few dots and I find myself captivated but the botanical style of the illustrator Tiffany Tauxe.

We met at Ta Cave for a yummy “apéro”. I discover that Tiffany also has a tight relationship with her grandparents. She lived with them until she was seventeen. She remembers being inspired for the first time by a collection of books called “Martine” and copying the illustrations of that book. She also recalls spending a lot of time in their magnificent garden and her grandfather teaching her how to observe nature. Her eye for detail is the proof that those fun lessons were well learnt.
Tiffany keeps fond memories of that time and tells me that she take care of over seventy plants in her apartment.

Since she is a bit shy, it has only been a few months that she has been publishing her work on Instagram. The swiss graphic designer Flavia Cocchi and illustrator Anaelle Clot convinced her to do so. By the way, she has already and recently exposed at the gallery boutique “La Sonnette”.

I was attracted by her vegetal style and the simplicity of black pen lines with sometimes a touch of color. She chose this way of making her art because it allows her to escape from her computer screen.

I invite you to discover her botanical world

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