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Coming out of Charlotte Grace’s concert a while ago, I am stunned by the uncommon piece of jewelry a woman was wearing. A few minutes later we end up chatting and I discover the innovative world of the jeweler Anna Gramme.

At only 26 years old, Morgane has always been her own boss. When she finished studying, she had a hard time finding her dream job. She decided to share a workshop with a friend who is a goldsmith. A few years later, she continues her adventure in a workshop in Lausanne with three other independent jewelers.
I admire the fact that a woman as young as her, has the courage to freelance in a business that is hard to get into. Just imagine the initial investment not only for the purchasing of the materials but also of all the security measures that need to be taken to insure her workshop.

When she starts a new project, Morgane proceeds in a few different ways. When she has an idea in the back of her mind, she sketches it and then quickly starts the creation phase working directly on the material. Sometime she is inspired by a gem, when it is the case, she creates designs that will embrace its shape. What she likes the most is to leave room for chance. She has often created her favorite pieces that way.

I have a huge crush on her ring in the shape of a glass with a little man sitting inside of it as well as her swing necklace. Her ideas are so innovative, I have never seen anything alike in the field. Her jewelry is like a breath of fresh air. I also really like that fact that she is sensitive to working locally as much as she can and ethically way by using ecogold in her creations.

A jeweler full of talent and innovation that I encourage you to discover 

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