Charlotte AEB – Lausanne

I met Charlotte by chance during the last day of the art exposition of Tiffany Tauxe at La Sonnette in Lausanne. With Charlotte there is no small talk and that’s the kind of person I get along with in a glimpse! When I went to visit her for that blog article, I wonder who was interviewing whom because I completely opened up and ended up talking about my own adventures.

I discovered her style through a series of photos she sent me and I was intrigued by her mix of vintage and urban subjects. She likes to work with non-numeric cameras which adds a nice feel to her style. But what I liked the most in her projects was her “Food Porn” videos on her YouTube channel. Wow! She was able to transform the simple task of making food into something sensual and erotic without being at all shocking. Her videos are the result of a collaboration between musicians of the experimental scenes who are also the actors and the composers of the music in her movies.

Urban environments and travelling are what inspire her. Indeed, when Charlotte travels, she likes to collaborate on projects with local artists. She likes that way of working best because it’s spontaneous and you have to get organized quickly if you want to make it happen. When she is here, she feels like things take longer because people know that you are not on the verge of leaving!

Her artistic projects have had a positive effect on her CV and opportunities to expose her work all over the world. Charlotte is a very inspiring woman 

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