My Blueberry Note – Lausanne

At the last Panier Culturel event, Manon was live painting. I have been following her on Instagram since a while and love what she draws! I seized the opportunity and asked her if she would be interested in meeting up for a blog article. Shortly after we were on the terrace of the Café Grancy drinking homemade ice tea.

I quickly realize that we have a lot in common. Manon grew up in an inspiring and artistic environment. She remembers doing a lot of arts and crafts with her mother and her grandmother, with whom she has a strong connection. Together they would create and test all kinds of new projects.

Later, she studied visual arts before and then learned graphic design. Manon wanted to give movement to her illustrations, so she learned on her own time how to use the program After Effects. She edits her films, gives movement to her drawings, testing all kinds of tools which as for end result of her being a self-taught illustrator and animator.

Manon enjoys drawing by hand, then she scans her drawing and edits it on Photoshop. When she went to live in London for a while, she didn’t have access to all the material she needed. It was then, that she started drawing digitally more often.

What I like in her art is that her very soft style and her themes which remind you to take care of yourself and to take a break 

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