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One day, when I was browsing on Instagram, I came across a story inviting artists of the region to contact a phone number. Being a curious person, I could not help but write to them. A few days later, I meet with Lucas one of the founders of LOZART.


The adventure begins when Lancelot created a collective exhibition at “L’étagère” in Lausanne. His contacted Lucas to expose his work with the other artists. They quickly realized that their event was a success and reached out to Martin to create the LOZART adventure.


LOZART’s goal is to showcase the artists of Lausanne and its region, all types of arts are included. To do so, they will continue to organize events and they will invite the artists of their website to participate.
The tree friends are on the lookout for partnerships that could be useful and with beneficial prices for the artists of the website. Another advantage to be on their website, is that they will regularly make interviews of the artists and they will be featured on their blog.

© Photo : Gregory Eaves lors de  l’expo ”anonyme” organisé par Lancelot, Julien Pacios et Camille Berardo. 

Their very first “LOZART” exhibition will be in Sion on the Friday 22nd of June. This exhibition will showcase artists through their videos, live projections and paintings. One thing is sure is that I can’t wait to see how this project is going to evolve 

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