Cozy Kit, a collaboration with My Swiss Soap & Code Couture

Here’s some advice, it is time to take a break! Take the time to make yourself a nice warm tea in one of Mémé Aurait Aimé ‘s illustrated mugs. Sit down comfortably and give some love to your hands by massaging them with the 100% natural cream made by My Swiss Soap . Take advantage of this break to read the tutorial of how to make a nice warm hat by Code Couture Suisse and start knitting!

Our collaboration is exactly meant for that special moment of self care 💕  A special cozy kit for the sweet price of  59 chf and we offer you the shipping!

If you need some softness, send me a message with the number of the wool you want and the mug of your choice. Don’t wait too long, it is a limited edition of 50 copies 🤶🏻😘 Order here  

P.S.  « Autumn » mug is SOLD OUT

Collaboration with Tini Letters

When you are like a granny, you inevitably love drinking tea! It’s for that reason that is was important for me to create a seasonal mug collection. Tini Letters was the perfect person to embellish my illustrations with her beautiful hand lettering skills. Our creations are complementary and hopefully our mugs will be perfect for your calm relaxing days 

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