Frida Kahlo

The first portrait I ever drew was the one of Frida Kahlo. My favorite magazine “Flow Magazine” threw a drawing challenge in February 2017 for it’s two year anniversary. During that month, I drew everyday and realized how important it was for me to pursue my creative skills. I few months later, I moved into my very first art studio in Etoy

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Dua Lipa

I threw myself a new challenge and decided to draw portraits of women who inspire me and Dua Lipa is one of them without hesitation!
I saw her at the Montreux Jazz Festival last year and I was totally amazed by her energy, her powerful presence and her girl power vibes that were so contagious. I remember thinking that she is slightly younger than me but seems to be so much more comfortable in her skin and I admire that and it inspired me to be less hard on myself

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I will always remember the first time I saw  Beyoncé . I was 15 years old at the Arena of Geneva and she was the lead singer in Destiny’s Child. Wow what a concert, what a voice, what a sweet memory! I remember her being so fierce, bold and feminist. What I like the most about her is that her art keeps evolving and is so complete, just take a look of the masterpieces she creates for her videos clips. I just needed to draw such an inspiring woman

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After publishing in social media a few portraits that I drew for a personal project, it lead to commissioned work! A private client asked me to draw Jay-Z for him. I really enjoyed drawing this illustration & I love the power couple he forms with Beyoncé

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Charlotte Grace

When the swiss band Charlotte Grace approached me to illustrate one of the counterparties of their crowdfunding, I was delighted! This illustration was inspired by a photo taken on the night of the release of their first EP in March 2017


Danitsa is such a huge inspiration! When I went to see a concert of her at Le Nouveau Monde in Fribourg, I found her energy so fierce, bold, feminist, not superficial and determined 💪🏽 She is setting a great example to all the young women of this region and also showing that you can make it happen even if you live in Switzerland

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter books are so dear to my heart. I remember my grandmother reading every book to us when we were kids. When I read the books now I can still hear her voice

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Amy Winehouse

First time I heard her voice, we were on a family road trip and I remember having goosebumps all over my arms. Her voice was so powerful and full of melancholy, it got to me all the time. Her voice was such a gift

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