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Living from the heart

I discovered the soft powers of cacao, this heart-opening plant medicine, in 2019 thanks to a dear friend. I would attend cacao ceremonies about once a month and this really helped me through my personal healing process. Cacao quickly became my daily routine as it assist me :

  • Elevate my vibration, mood, and spirit
  • Tune in to my heart daily and take decisions accordingly
  • Bring to light my patterns and protection mechanisms and work on them in gentle self-love
  • Focus when studying or working on a project
  • Overflow with even more creativity 
  • Become kinder to myself and others
  • With intense PMS 

This plant medicine has taught me so much, on so many different levels that I was called to learn more about it. In March 2020, I followed Keith’s Cacao Practitioner Training to learn how to create and hold space for cacao ceremonies. This program also showed me how to deepen my personal practice on a profound level. 

It took me a year of sharing cacao with friends and family before I felt confident and comfortable enough to host ceremonies.
I was also patiently waiting for all the restrictions linked to the global pandemic to be lifted. Now getting closer to the one-year “anniversary” of this virus, I decided I couldn’t wait anymore to share this heart-opening medicine.

I believe that as human beings we need to connect to each other on a regular basis, ESPECIALLY in these times. That is why I am called to step into my light, create a space so that we can step into our HEARTS.

I am delighted to announce that I am hosting Sacred Cacao Ceremonies every Sunday. I also offer private cacao initiations if you want to deepen your personal practice. If this is calling you, I would be delighted to guide you on your heart-opening journey

Cacao Ceremony

Sunday Cacao Ceremony is a sacred space dedicated to slowing down and tuning into your body. Each weekend, we explore a different theme to discover a new facette of our hearts. A safe space where you can heal and discover your gifts in the softness of Mama Cacao’s guidance.

Caroline will lead you into your inner journey through breathwork, meditations, sound, ancient wisdom, and rituals you can practice at home.

Every Sunday from 15h15 to 18h18.

Morges region, more details when you sign up.


Please send me an email at cacaowithcaro@gmail.com or reach out to me on Instagram at @meme.aurait.aime.

The events are hosted in French. Please reach out if you wish to have an English-speaking ceremony.

Private cacao ceremonies are also available on demand.

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Cacao Ceremony

Inward journey towards your heart and discover your multiple gifts.

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